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Unveiling Exotic Matter: Adventures in Frustrated Magnets

Frustrated magnets offer a promising arena for exploring exotic states of matter, an intriguing topic to be delved into in this discussion. Our focus will be on two main categories within this realm: Firstly, the triangular lattice systems, where the emergence of the Dirac quantum spin liquid state is hypothesized. Secondly, the square lattice systems, which not only potentially harbor the quantum spin liquid state but also introduce novel field-induced spin patterns. Our presentation will showcase the latest findings from thermodynamic analyses and neutron scattering experiments conducted on meticulously crafted single-crystal samples of recently discovered rare-earth-based compounds featuring both triangular and square lattice structures. Through these results, we aim to unravel the underlying physics responsible for their remarkable exotic properties.

Host: Hae-Young Kee
Event series  Toronto Quantum Matter Seminars