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Quantum control strategies for imaging and spectroscopy


Quantum control techniques have proven effective to extend the coherence of qubit sensors, thus allowing quantum-enhanced sensitivity at the nano-scale. The key challenge is to decouple the qubit sensors from undesired sources of noise, while preserving the interaction with the system or field that one wishes to measure. In addition, tailoring the sensor dynamics can help reveal temporal and spatial information about the target.

In this talk I will show how we can use coherent control of quantum sensors to reconstruct the arbitrary profile of time-varying fields, while correcting the effects of unwanted noise sources. These control techniques can be further used to reveal information about classical and quantum noise sources. For example, they can achieve high frequency resolution, thus allowing precise spectroscopy and imaging of the spatial configuration of a spin bath.

I will illustrate applications of these strategies in experimental implementations based on the Nitrogen-Vacancy center in diamond.