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Quantum photonics for novel quantum computing and testing quantum physics foundations


The advantages of the photons makes optical quantum system ideally suited for fundamental quantum physics experiments and a variety of applications in quantum information processing. Here I will review results for the realization of secure quantum cloud computing, where quantum information is securely communicated and computed. As for photons ideally suited quantum computational architectures I will present experiments that are based on the superposition of the order of quantum gates as well as multi-photon processing using integrated waveguide structures.

The last part of my talk will be dedicated to the measurement of experimental benchmark values for hyper-complex extensions of quantum mechanics that relay on quaternions (instead of complex numbers) and our long-term vision of performing precise interferometric experiments that allow to measure weak gravitational forces on individual single photons. As outlook I will briefly discuss the scale-up of photonic quantum computing by using high-efficient detectors and solid-state single-photon sources.