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Error mitigated quantum computation with noisy superconducting qubits

Improvements in the control and coherence of artificial atoms built from superconducting circuits have enabled the development of noisy quantum processors with over 50 qubits, and the exploration of problems addressable by these devices that are intractable to classical computation. However, in the absence of fault tolerance, small scale demonstrations [1] of quantum algorithms are already severely limited by noise. In this context, I shall introduce error mitigation techniques [2,3] that enable access to noise free estimates of expectation values and highlight some of the associated experimental challenges. Improvements in device fundamentals will compound to these error mitigation techniques, to further extend the reach of noisy quantum computation. In this context, I shall also discuss some recent results on the coherence and two-qubit gate control [4] of fixed frequency superconducting qubits, and improvements in system performance [5].

[1] A. Kandala, et al Nature, 549, 242 (2017)
[2] A. Kandala, et al Nature, 567, 491 (2019)
[3] K. Temme, et al PRL, 119, 180509 (2017)
[4] A. Kandala et al arXiv:2011.07050
[5] P. Jurcevic et al arXiv:2008.08571

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Host: Amar Vutha
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