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Ultracold Ytterbium: From Quantum Simulation to Precision Measurement

Ultracold atoms in an optical lattice is an ideal experimental platform for quantum simulation of quantum few- and many-body physics as well as for precision measurement. In this talk, I will report our recent experiments using ultracold two-electron atoms of ytterbium loaded into an optical lattice.

In quantum simulation research, the study of an SU(N=6) Fermi-Hubbard model with ^173 Yb allows us to observe SU(6) spin correlations, and the detailed comparison between theory and experiment indicates the realization of the lowest temperature of cold-atom Fermi-Hubbard model. We also studied the dissipation engineering of Bose- and Fermi-Hubbard models. In addition, through high-resolution spectroscopy of few body systems combined with a Feshbach resonance, we find the evidence of a four-body force.

I will also report our recent efforts in the precision measurement towards new physics beyond the Standard Model. These include the measurement of isotope shifts with the part-per-billion precision, allowing us to obtain a bound of the coupling of a new hypothetical particle, and the observation of a new clock transition which is also highly sensitive to physics beyond the Standard Model.

*Please note non standard location*

Host: Amar Vutha
Event series  CQIQC SeminarsQO/AMO Seminars