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Direct and Indirect Detection of Metastable Dark Matter


We construct dark matter models that can simultaneously explain 511 keV photon emission from the galactic center and possible direct detections at DAMA/LIBRA and CoGeNT.  These models include three dark matter states with masses near 5 GeV; the two heavier states are approximately 1 MeV heavier than the lightest state and are split from each other by a few keV. Scattering from the top two states (either endothermic or exothermic) can account for direct detections.  Decay from one of the top states produces positrons and electrons whose annihilation lines account for the 511 keV; these decays can be caused by dark matter scattering or decay of a long-lived top state of dark matter.  We will focus on a simple SU(2) model and discuss other possible signatures of these models if there is time.