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Gravitational waves and tadpole resummation

Stochastic Gravitational Wave Background generated from the first order electroweak phase transition has a sensitive dependence on profile of the effective potential requiring control over 4D perturbation theory. Convergence in 4D perturbation theory is spoiled by the zero Matsubara modes of the bosonic degrees of freedom. In this talk, I will discuss the different 4D resummation schemes and demonstrate analytically and numerically that Optimized Partial Dressing (OPD) scheme, which uses gap equation solution inserted into tadpole, provides higher accuracy and reduced scale dependence compared to the standard daisy resummation. Given that the scale dependence in (OPD) is comparable to next-to-leading order dimensional reduction and the way it handles departures from the high temperature makes it a simple scheme to apply to BSM scenarios.

Host: Michael Luke
Event series  THEP Events