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How many supersymmetries? - observing Dirac gluinos at the LHC

Supersymmetry (SUSY) is one of the strongest candidate theories for physics beyond the Standard Model (SM). It is typically assumed that the number of SUSY generators is one, i.e. that for each SM fermion there is exactly one bosonic partner and vice versa. In the matter sector this has to be the case to keep the SM fermions chiral, but it is possible to extend the supersymmetry of the gauge sector to two SUSY generators, or N=2. In this case the gauginos become Dirac fermions. We show that in N=2 SUSY squark masses of a few hundred TeV are still experimentally allowed, and we propose a method to identify the Dirac nature of the gluino, based on the ATLAS search for jets and missing transverse momentum.