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Talk 1: Precision Cosmological Constraints on Atomic Dark Matter and Talk 2: Future Directions for N-body simulations of Atomic Dark Matter

Abstract of Talk 1:

Atomic dark matter (aDM) is a simple possibility for an interacting dark sector that could constitute some or all of dark matter. I will discuss the impacts aDM can have on the cosmic microwave background and large-scale structure of the universe, and present the most up-to-date constraints on the aDM parameter space from cosmological observations. Finally, I will discuss the capacity of aDM to alleviate the longstanding Hubble and S8 tensions in comparison to ΛCDM.

Abstract of Talk 2:

Atomic dark matter (aDM) provides an interesting possibility for a DM model that can drastically change its structure on galactic scales due to dissipative dynamics. Recently, the first N-body simulations started running for aDM to explore this yet undetermined astrophysical evolution. I will outline the future directions for our aDM study using the N-body simulations, and present some preliminary work on calculating for the first time the subhalo mass function for aDM from N-body simulations. Lastly, I will review how these directions will lead to constraints on our DM model, and identify potential future signals in observational galactic surveys such as Gaia.

Host: David Curtin
Event series  THEP Events