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Anomalies of non-Abelian finite groups via cobordism

Symmetries and their anomalies constitute powerful analytical tools to tackle strongly coupled field theories. It is now well-known that Fermionic anomalies are given in terms of the eta invariant of the Dirac operator and are classified by cobordism groups. I will spend much of the talk outlining this modern conception of anomalies in terms of cobordism classification.  I will then use the functor property of cobordism to find anomalies of certain non-Abelian finite groups that are used to solve flavour hierarchies, neutrino mass and mixing data, etc., in flavour physics. More specifically, I will explain how we used anomaly interplay to relate the anomalies in these non-abelian finite groups to known anomalies in abelian finite groups.

Host: Erich Poppitz
Event series  THEP Events