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Refined instanton analysis for asymptotically free QFTs and mass gap

Instantons are an important source of nonperturbative
effects in quantum field theories, but their role in asymptotically
free theories has not been well understood. In this talk, we will
present a new approach to instanton analysis in the context of 2d CP^N
sigma models. From this, we will show that, contrary to common
belief, instantons can in fact capture the vacuum structure and
non-perturbative properties such as mass gap, fractional theta
dependence, and confinement. In the supersymmetric sigma model,
our method gives a new derivation of the mirror symmetry and the
Landau-Ginzburg dual theory. Our construction also demonstrates
that there is no conflict between large N and instantons.

Host: Erich Poppitz
Event series  THEP Events