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Former Graduate Students
PHY1489H F (Arts & Sci 489)
Introduction to High Energy Physics
PHY1600 S general
Effective Communication of Science
PHY2403 F Specialized
Quantum Field Theory I
PHY2404H S specialized
Quantum Field Theory II
PHY2405H S specialized
Experimental High Energy Physics
PHY2407H S specialized
Special Topics in Particle Physics II
PHY1610H S general
Scientific Computing for Physicists
ATLAS is a particle physics experiment that will explore the fundamental nature of matter and the basic forces that shape our universe. The ATLAS detector will ...
New results in open charm production at HERA
Searching for Oscillating Neutrinos at T2K: Results and Prospects
IPP Research Scientist candidate seminar
Update on the Search for the Higgs Boson at CERN
Search for Dark Gauge Bosons Decaying into Displaced Lepton-Jets in Proton-Proton Collisions at s=13 TeV with the ATLAS Detector
Shedding Light on the Dark Universe
IPP Research Scientist candidate seminar
Neutrino Oscillations at Work
Recent Results from VERITAS
Searching for Dark Matter with the HAWC Gamma Ray Observatory
The SNO+ Experiment and Optical Calibrations
Searching for Dark Matter with the DEAP Experiment
New Detectors for the ATLAS Muon Systems
Expanding the Particle Zoo at BESIII and Other Stories
Search for the Magnetic Monopole at ATLAS
Recent top quark measurements from CMS
Experimental Particle Physics
The University of Toronto Experimental Particle Physics Group
Neutrino Physics with SNO+ - Status and Plans
Large Mixing Angles From Many Right-Handed Neutrinos
Update on the T2K Experiment
The Search for Dark Matter with the PICO Bubble Chambers
Dr. Giroux will present the latest results of the PICO experiment that set the most stringent constraints on the dark matter signal in the spin-dependent ...
Update on Daya Bay and PROSPECT Experiments
Use of Nuclear Track Detectors (NTDs) in rare event search
The use of nuclear detectors in the search for exotic particles (e.g., strangelets and monopoles) in cosmic rays and accelerator experiments will be reviewed.