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Electroweak symmetry breaking from monopole condensation
Old and new in the lattice definition of chiral gauge theories
Ensemble of Kaehler Moduli Inflation
Lattice QCD meets experiment
Realistic higgsless models
Holography and renormalization in Lorentzian signature
Aspects of non-Abelian gauge dynamics in two-dimensional (2,2)-supersymmetric theories
R parity violation and light Higgs scenarios
Strebel Differentials And Argyres-Douglas Singularities
Children's Drawings From Seiberg-Witten Curves
Ricci Flow and Membrane Theory
Improving event generators with effective field theory
How can AdS/CFT be useful for heavy ion physics?
Catalyzed Big-Bang nucleosynthesis
A modified gravity and its consequences for the solar system, astrophysics, and cosmology
Modular forms, Liouville field and Elliptic genera
Establishing a Jet Definition in SCET
Wilson loops, string/brane/geometry transitions and bubbling Calabi-Yau's
The fast life of holographic mesons
Triadophilia: a special corner of the landscape
When Worlds Collide
From Large N Double Scaling Limits to Non-Critical Superstrings
String Junctions, Abelian Fibrations and Flux/Geometry Duality
Implementing Generalized Gauge Mediation
Phases of N=2 Theories In 1+1 Dimensions with Boundary
R-symmetric Gauge Mediation
Lepton and Quark masses from Top Loops
Search for heavy quarks above the top at hadron colliders
Dark matters
Models of dark matter with secluded U(1) below the weak scale
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