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Understanding the Impact of Arctic Amplification on the Midlatitude Circulation Using a Hierarchy of Models
Importance of new Temperature-Dependent Refractive Indices of Water for Simulated Thermal Emission from Super-Cooled Liquid Water Clouds
Variability of Reactive Nitrogen Species linked to the Stratospheric QBO
The Solar Spectrum: an Atmospheric Remote Sensing Perspective
Multi-AXis-(MAX-) DOAS measurements of atmospheric trace gases and aerosols – what can we learn from scattered sunlight observations at various viewing directions?
Recent developments in the theory of eddy-mean flow interaction in the atmosphere
Application and Advances in ground-based total column measurements for Earth System Science Studies
The role of sea ice in abrupt climate events
The life cycle of Northern Hemisphere downward wave coupling between the stratosphere and troposphere
Searching for extant Martian subsurface life and geology from Mars orbit
A dynamic, embedded Lagrangian model for ocean climate models
Reference observations of upper air climate variables: The path to climate trends in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere
Vertically Distributed Effects of Stratospheric Polar Vortex Disturbances on Composition during Arctic Winter
Understanding the Role of Large-Scale Atmospheric Circulation in Weather Extremes
The role of palaeogeography in controlling Cretaceous and Paleogene climate
Cloud Microphysics and Climate: The Key to Reducing Uncertainty?
Synchrotron and laser based line shape studies for remote sensing applications
North Atlantic weather and Arctic Amplification
SFIT4 -- a comprehensive tool to analyse spectra recorded by ground-based FTIR spectroscopy of the atmosphere
Linear interference and the Northern Annular Mode Response to El Nino and Climate Change