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Quantum Information with Atoms and Photons
Department of Physics End of Year Event
Welsh Lectures 2012
A Colorful Fermi Gas: Toward Quantum Simulation of QCD
Few-body physics in Cesium: New evidence for four-body states
Fabrication and measurement of nanodiamonds for quantum and biological science
Generic spin model for the honeycomb iridates with trigonal distortion
Wave-particle duality at the macroscopic scale
Non-perturbative effects of unconventional theory of competing orders
Infrared polarization-sensitive studies of graphene, semiconductors, and high temperature superconductors
The wonders of supersymmetry: from quantum mechanics, topology, and noise, to (maybe) the LHC
Probing the Properties of Quark-Gluon Plasma
[Joint Physics/Fields Inst. Colloquium] The unidirectional flight of flapping wings
Bose-Einstein condensation of polaritons in microcavities
Searching for Physics Beyond the Standard Model with Neutrinos
Designing and controlling the optical properties of nanoscale systems
Phase Transitions in the Genome
Combining measurements and models in atmospheric physics
Why do we bother to teach Physics at High School?
The Post-Perovskite Transition -Geophysical Implications for the Core-Mantle Boundary Region
Running on sand
Particle accelerators at CERN – past, present and future
Quantum and thermal phases of a spin-1 Bose gas
Quantum Computing, Cryptography and Teleportation
Manipulating thin-film flows: From patterned substrates to evaporating systems
Electromagnetic periodicities at Saturn
Envisioning Science, More than Pretty Pictures
Arctic Climate and the Radiative Transfer Problem