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Probing Nagaoka ferromagnetism in optical superlattices.
Charge dynamics in monolayer and bilayer graphene by infrared spectroscopy
Generation of Narrowband Quantum Light for Interaction with Rb Atoms
High-Efficiency Green Lasers for Microprojectors
Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics with Single Quantum Dots
*CANCELED*Traversal time for tunneling
Nonlinear Optics in Rubidium-Filled Hollow-Core Photonic Band-Gap Fibers
Probing nanoscale phase inhomogeneities in strongly correlated transition metal oxides with ultrafast infrared spectroscopy
Entangled Photon Polarimetry
Perfect fluidity: from quark-gluon plasmas to ultra-cold Fermi gases
Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy of Vanadates
Novel Many-Body Quantum Phases: From Photons to Electrons
Pseudogap phenomena in the BCS-BEC crossover regime of atomic Fermi gases
Second sound in a trapped strongly interacting Fermi gas
Quantum Control of Atomic Collisions for Quantum Information Processing
Experimental Studies of Fermionic Lithium in the BEC-BCS Crossover
Quantum Information with Atoms and Photons
Multi-partite and higher-dimensional quantum entanglement experiments
Quantum Optics Day
Qubus Computation
Experimental Applications of a Linear Optical Controlled Phase Gate
Entangled Photon Holes
Parametric down-conversion can be used to create pairs of photons that are entangled in energy and time.
Optical Two-Dimensional Fourier Transform Spectroscopy of Semiconductors
A Fermionic Atom Interferometer for Microgravity
Quantum properties of self-phase locked Parametric Oscillators
Quantum memories with trapped ions: theoretical results and ongoing experiments
Fiber-optic Quantum Communications
Simulating condensed matter systems using cold atoms: some practical observations
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