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PHY2203H S specializedQuantum Optics I

Course Title PHY2203H S specialized
Session winter
Year of Study 1st year
Time and Location Time: T2, R11
Room: MP408
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Aephraim  Steinberg


Official Description


This course will introduce the fundamental concepts and phenomena of quantum optics from an
experimentalist's perspective.  It will focus mostly on the "semiclassical" theory, which treats the
interaction of classical fields with quantum systems, but will also introduce some basic features
of the quantum theory of light, including nonclassical states of light, two-photon interference, et
We will seek to understand light-matter interactions from a variety of perspectives, and to
learn how these fit together -- these will include the Lorentz model, rate equations (the Einstein A&B
coefficients), the optical Bloch equations, and the full quantum-mechanical Hamiltonian.  We will use
these approaches to address a variety of problems such as the theory of laser operation, the basics of
nonlinear optics, pulse echoes, adiabatic rapid passage, and mechanical effects of light on atoms.
Along the way, we will revisit topics  such as gaussian-beam propagation, properties of optical cavities,
polarisation optics, and important  optical components such as electro-optic and acousto-optic modulators.
Time permitting, we may  touch on some modern topics such as quantum cryptography or teleportation,
electromagnetically  induced transparency and quantum memory, metamaterials, et cetera.
Until the newsyllabus is finalized, you can get an idea of the goals of the course from,
from the days when a single course attempted to cover much of what is now split between PHY1485 and


Prerequisite: PHY1485H/485H or equivalent
Textbook "Introductory Quantum Optics" by Gerry and Knight