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PHY2204H F specializedQuantum Optics II

Course Title PHY2204H F specialized
Session fall
Year of Study 1st year
Time and Location Time: Monday 9; Wednesday 11;
occasional Fridays 4
Location: MP505
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Daniel  James


Official Description


This is intended as an advanced course in Quantum Optics, meant to follow PHY 1485, Modern Optics and PHY 2203 Quantum Optics I. In this course, both the material systems and the electromagnetic field will be treated quantum mechanically. It will be assumed that students have a strong background in both electromagnetic theory and quantum mechanics. Students who are concerned about their background preparation can talk to the Professor at the start of the course for more information.


There are many books which cover the material, and at this stage in your careers, you are encouraged to find the ones which you like the best (since ultimately, you are responsible for learning the material!). Here are some suggestions:

Introductory textbooks:

The Quantum Theory of Light by R Loudon (3rd Edition)

Introductory Quantum Optics by C C Gerry and P L Knight

Introduction to Quantum Optics by G Grynberg, A Aspect and C Fabre

Quantum Optics by D F Walls and G J Milburn (2nd Edition)

Quantum Optics by M O Scully and M S Zubairy

Quantum Optics: An Introduction by M Fox

Quantum Optics by G S Agarwal

A Guide to Experiments in Quantum Optics by H.-A. Bachor and T. C. Ralph

more advanced:

The Quantum Theory of Radiation by W Heitler (written in 1936 and rather old now, but still some good stuff)

Quantum Statistical Properties of Radiation by W H Louisell (very detailed coverage of formalism, written in 1973)

Optical Coherence and Quantum Optics by L Mandel and E Wolf (best for interface with classical optics by two of the greats of the field)

The Quantum Vacuum by P W Milonni (lovely coverage of WHY we need the quantum theory of light)

Photons and Atoms: Introduction to Quantum Electrodynamics by C Cohen-Tannoudji, J Dupont-Roc and G Grynberg (very meticulous and methodical)

aimed at the HEP-T crowd, but still some useful material for us:

Quantum Electrodynamics (Vol.4 of the Landau & Liftshitz series) by V B Berestetskii, E M Liftshitz and L P Pitaevskii

Advanced Quantum Mechanics by J J Sakurai


We will cover the following topics: quantization of free fields; quantum coherence theory; simple examples: beam splitters and interferometers; representations of quantum states; squeezed light; master equations; light-matter interactions; Ion traps and Opto-Mechanics.

Prerequisite: PHY 1485 Advanced Classical Optics or equivalent; PHY 1510 Graduate Electromagnetism or equivalent; PHY 1520 Graduate Quantum Mechanics or equivalent; PHY 2203 Quantum Optics I or equivalent.
Textbook Introductory Quantum Optics, by C. C. Gerry and P. L. Knight
Optical Coherence and Quantum Optics, by L. Mandel and E. Wolf