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PHY1600H S generalEffective Communication of Science

Course Title PHY1600H S general
Session winter
Year of Study 1st year
Time and Location Time: T 11-1
Location: MP 408

R.J. Dwayne  Miller


Official Description

This course is intended to provide the framework for the development of effective communication skills that will help scientists throughout their careers.

The course will start off with a brief introduction to the philosophy of scientific reasoning and its distinction from other means of rationalizing natural phenomena. In the research process, the creative aspects of science are often not well-appreciated. What makes great science? What distinguishes a creative researcher?

Effective communication is key to being an effective scientist. The course will focus on what is good scientific writing and what makes a great scientific presentation. These will be developed by practice and by receiving extensive feedback. The course will also introduce practices that will help scientists be more effective as communicators.

A short writing project will be assigned each week, and be completed with the help of a writing "buddy". These will be critiqued constructively and in time for the next assignment. Each student will also have numerous—almost weekly—opportunities to present in class and receive feedback on how well they did.

This is a very interactive class with a reasonable workload associated with it.

This is a Credit/No Credit course. It is open to first-year students, but they should also be taking at least 4 other lecture  half-courses in their first year. This course will not count to the MSc course requirement.