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PHY1510H S generalElectromagnetism

Course Title PHY1510H S general
Session winter
Year of Study 1st year
Time and Location Time: TR1, F12
Location: MP1115
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Pierre  Savaria

Official Description

1. Electrostatics: Electrostatic field and potential; Laplace and Poisson equations and their formal solutions in terms of Green functions; electrostatic potential energy. 2. Boundary-Value Problems: Green functions as a generalisation of the method of images; boundary-value problems with azimuthal symmetry; Green function expansions inspherical coordinates applied to boundary-value problems. 3. Multipoles, Dielectrics: Multipole expansions for field, potential, and energy; electrostatics in media with boundary-value problems, susceptibility, energy in dielectrics. 4. Magnetostatics and Faraday's Law: Laws of Ampère and Biot and Savart, vector potential, magnetic field of, and force on, a localised current distribution; magnetic energy, magnetic fields in macroscopic media with some examples; Faraday's Law, quasi-static fields. 5. Maxwell's Equations, Conservation Laws: Maxwell's equations for fields and potentials, Cauchy initial-value problem of the theory and gauge arbitrariness; Green functions for the wave equation; Poynting's theorem in media, applications to harmonic fields. 6. Plane EM Waves and Wave Propagation: Plane waves in non-conducting media, polarisation, reflection and refraction, dispersion. 7. Radiating Systems: electric dipole and quadrupole radiation, magnetic dipole radiation. 8. Relativity and Electromagnetism in the Four-vector Formalism: Postulates of Relativity, Lorentz transformations, relativistic four-vector formalism, Faraday field tensor, four-potential, transformation of fields, gauge and duality properties of the theory, relativistic treatment of energy-momentum of electromagnetic fields. 9. Particle and Field Dynamics: Motion of particles in electromagnetic fields and Maxwell field equations derived in Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formalism. 10. Fields and Radiation from Relativistic Point-charges in Arbitrary Motion: Liénard-Wiechert potentials and Lorentz form-invariant fields; radiated power, non-relativistic and relativistic.
Textbook Jackson, J.D., Classical Electrodynamics, 3rd edition New York: Wiley, 1999.

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