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PHY1540H Y generalMathematical Methods in Physics

Course Title PHY1540H Y general
Session year
Year of Study 1st year
Time and Location Time: M2, W2, F4
Location: MP1115
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Pierre  Savaria

Official Description


An introduction, aimed at the physicist, to various mathematical methods of use in physics. Topics are arranged in six 12-lecture modules: 

(1) introduction to the Algebra and Calculus of Tensors and p-Forms;

(2)  General introduction to Group Theory;

(3)  Introduction to Lie Groups; 

(4) Elementary Theory of Analytic Functions; 

(5) Approximation of Functions with Polynomials, Fourier Series and Transforms, Sturm-Liouville Problem;

(6) Differential equations and Green Functions; Initial-value Problems, Boundary-value Problems.



Textbook Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics by F.W. Byron and R.W.Fuller (Dover, 1992).