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Specialized Courses

Title Description
Course PHY2202H S specialized Atomic & Molecular Physics
Course PHY2203H F specialized Quantum Optics I
Course PHY2204H S specialized Quantum Optics II
Course PHY2206H F specialized Special Topics QO II - Quantum Measurement in The World
Course PHY2303H S specialized Quantum Theory of Solids II
Course PHY2314H F specialized Special Topics in Condensed Matter Physics II - Electron Correlation and Magnetism
Course PHY2315H F specialized Advanced Statistical Mechanics
Course PHY2321H S specialized Many Body Physics I
Course PHY2403H F specialized Quantum Field Theory I
Course PHY2404H S specialized Quantum Field Theory II
Course PHY2405H S specialized Experimental High Energy Physics
Course PHY2408H S specialized Phenomenology of the Standard Model
Course PHY2502H S specialized Climate System Dynamics
Course PHY2504H S specialized Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics
Course PHY2505H S specialized Atmospheric Radiative Transfer and Remote Sounding
Course PHY2506H F specialized Data Assimilation and Retrieval Theory
Course PHY2509H S specialized Special Topics in Atmospheric Physics I
Course PHY2603H F specialized Inverse Theory
Course PHY2609H F specialized Planetary Physics
Course PHY2701H F specialized Biological Physics
Course PHY2703H S specialized Cellular Biological Physics
Course PHY2704H S specialized Cellular Dynamics
Course PHY2705H S specialized Special Topics in Biological Physics I
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