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3rd and 4th year undergraduate students in Physics Major, Specialist and Joint Specialist programs at the University of Toronto St. George Campus are encouraged to join this valuable program as the advice and help of a mentor can be of great benefit as Physics students prepare to make their way into the working world or move into graduate work.

This handbook should help with ideas and scenarios for a successful mentoring experience. It will also help you to develop networking and communication skills that will be invaluable to you after graduation.

The handbook is organized into five sections. The first section is a preview of what happens before you contact your mentor. The second section outlines the crucial elements of corresponding and meeting with your mentor. The third section discusses things you should do after (or in between) meetings. Section four provides a helpful checklist to verify what you have learned in this handbook. Finally, the fifth section is an appendix of useful questions and tips to help you through the program.

Most students are nervous about initiating contact with their mentor. It can be overwhelming to make the initial connections but it is never as difficult as it seems at the time. Just remember that your mentor agreed to be matched with you and is looking forward to working with you. If you can do this, it will make it easier for you to take the initiative and let you get the most out of this mentorship experience.

Keep in mind, as well, that this is a unique opportunity to learn more about careers that may interest you. It also gives you a chance to learn what "real world” work or graduate school has to offer.

Please keep in mind that in addition to learning about a field you are interested in pursuing in your future career, this program is also meant to expose you to areas that you may not have yet considered, but which you may find useful and educational. The opportunity is yours to encourage your mentor to share his/her knowledge with you. Who knows? Your mentor's expertise in a related field may spark your interest in a career that you had not previously considered or knew much about.

Program requirements for students

Below are the necessary steps required for participation in the Mentorship Program.
Introductory e-mail to your mentor - Within one week of being notified of your mentor’s name and e-mail address in Late-September.

Attend launch event - October (

Ongoing meetings with your mentor (4 total required) - October - March

Attend optional Mid-Term Event - January

End of Program Event/Evaluation Survey - March or April