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PHY1460H F (ARTS & SCI 460)
Nonlinear Physics

Official description

A course on topics in nonlinear physics. Finite dimensional flows, bifurcations, instabilities and relation to phase transitions. Index theory and its use for the classification of topological defects. Chaos, strange attractors, maps and fractals. An introduction to the renormalization group applied to the Feigenbaum sequence and the period-doubling route to turbulence. Examples from nonlinear classical and quantum (few- or many-body) physics, chemistry, biology, and sociology will be given to illustrate the nonlinear phenomena studied. Computer exercises will be used throughout the course.

This cross listed course is offered together with PHY460H.
Link to undergraduate cross listed course: PHY460H1 - Nonlinear Physics

                            Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos by Steven H. Strogatz (Perseus Books Group)
course title
PHY1460H F (ARTS & SCI 460)
cross listed course
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This cross listed course is offered at together with PHY460H. For course schedule please see: PHY460H

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