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Quantum Theory of Solids I

Official description

  1. Introduction to Crystalline Solids:
    - Broken symmetry and elementary excitations
    - Periodic lattices and reciprocal lattices
  2. Electrons in Crystals
  3. Electron band theory
    - Free electron model
    - Nearly free electron model
    - Tight binding
    - Properties of materials based on energy bands
  4. Lattice vibrations:
    - classical normal modes of vibration: phonons
    - Properties based on phonon dispersion relations
  5. Electron dynamics in Crystals:
    - Wannier functions
    - Semiclassical electron dynamics
    - Motion in electric and magnetic fields
    - Effective mass tensor
    - Berry phase and Berry curvature
  6. Electron-electron interactions:
    - Hartree-Fock theory
    - Exchange and correlation
    - Density functional theory and applications
                            Fundamentals of Condensed Matter Physics, by Marvin L Cohen and Steven G. Louie;  an elementary textbook such as Ashcroft and Mermin, or Kittel, will also be helpful.
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general course
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Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11 am - 12 pm, MP408

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