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Order Up! Molecular Qubits with a Side of SPAM


The use of gas phase molecules in pure states for computation, measurement, and sensing relies on the ability to determine the quantum state of the molecules. This applies not only to state detection, but also state preparation (and cooling), where initialization of the molecules into pure quantum states is far more challenging for molecules than atoms due to their high density of internal states. A major advance in molecular State Preparation And Measurement (SPAM) was the identification of laser-addressable diatomic molecules with atom-like emission properties, and this approach has been steadily pushing to larger, more complex species. I will discuss progress toward extending the reach of these laser-cooled-atom techniques to species with carbon rings and into the regime where the rotational structure is unresolved by the laser.

Order Up! Molecular Qubits with a Side of SPAM
Host: Amar Vutha
Event series  Physics Colloquium