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Cultural Collisions: Science Engagement Through the Arts

You always wanted to know what particle physics looks like if you combine it with art? You are curious about the work and lives of physicists? Then this is the place to go!
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Science - especially physics - is sometimes perceived as something rather dull and inaccessible by the public. Events like “Cultural Collisions”, a science exhibition hosted at the Ontario Science Centre, can and will change this conception.

With the help of art and great science communicators, the complex topic of high energy particle physics becomes more accessible, while the beauty of science is presented in a way that you might have never seen before. When art and science collide, something new and exciting comes into existence - just as new and exciting physics can reveal itself if you collide particles.

For one week, starting on April 9th, the Ontario Science Centre will host an exhibition showcasing several particle physics experiments like ATLAS, CMS and LIGO. Physicists from UofT and York University will be around at the Science Centre for the whole week to answer questions and engage with the visitors. An introduction talk about the ATLAS experiment and more will be given each day during the morning hours.

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