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Luis L. Sánchez Soto

Extremal Quantum States - A mathematical project “of immense beauty”

U of T Physics Graduate student Aaron Goldberg (supervised by Professor Daniel James) and colleagues have found a way to characterize “quantumness” or the chasm between the classical and quantum realms.

In a paper published in AVS Quantum Science, researchers peruse quantumness from a variety of viewpoints, concentrating on phase-space formulations because they can be applied beyond particular symmetry groups.

The work in this paper will find applications in quantum technologies such as gravitational wave detectors and ultra-precise measurement devices.

The researchers told AIP Publishing when considering the question of quantumness, they realized it was a mathematical project “of immense beauty,” in addition to being useful.

When Aaron was asked why he thought the work was significant, he said “Before, researchers studying quantumness didn’t always realize how much their notions of quantumness differed. Now, we can explicitly refer to one or more extremal principles and refer to specific, consistent notions for any quantum system. Knowing the extreme limits of quantumness lets us constrain both the mathematical and operational capabilities of quantum devices.”

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