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INSPIRE Scholars Drug Discovery Program Celebrates Summer Launch

A new interdisciplinary program is inspiring the next generation of researchers and entrepreneurs.
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Nick Iwanyshyn

By: Tanya Rohrmoser

This summer, twenty-three budding scientists gathered on campus for the inaugural Interdisciplinary Summer Program in Research and Entrepreneurship (INSPIRE), an intensive four-week program designed to introduce undergraduate students to the role of interdisciplinary biophysical science in drug discovery and innovation. The program was offered by the Centre for Medicinal Chemistry (CMC) in partnership with IMIx Executive Programs at UTM’s Institute for Management & Innovation, and participants learned of the array of opportunities available to them — both in graduate school and beyond.

INSPIRE was organized by Josh Milstein and Scott Prosser, both professors in the Department of Chemical & Physical Sciences (CPS). With the development of the new Centre for Medicinal Chemistry underway, opportunities will soon arise for potential students and faculty alike — and these scientists are working to draw both to campus to learn about the exciting research happening at UTM.

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