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Karen Smith of UTSC and PhD student Michael Morris of Physics talk about the university’s Climate Impacts Hackathon


From March 15-17, the Department of Physics hosted the UofT Climate Impacts Hackathon. The hackathon was organized by Paul Kushner, Professor in the Department of Physics, Karen Smith, Associate Professor in the UTSC Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences (DPES), Michael Morris, PhD Candidate in the Department of Physics, and Francisco Camacho, MEnvSc student at DPES. The event brought together students, alumni, and members of the community, who worked in teams to investigate regional climate change impacts and propose solutions to adapt to these impacts. The hackathon emphasized the use of the University of Toronto Climate Downscaling Workflow for approaching the problem of climate change impacts assessment. On Saturday March 16th, Michael and Professor Smith appeared on CBC Radio's Fresh Air to discuss the hackathon, the interdisciplinary backgrounds of the participants, and how downscaling makes climate model projections more useful for studying these local impacts.

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