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2020-2021 Loudon-Hines Gold Medal and Scholarship in Physics

The Loudon-Hines Gold Medal and Scholarship in Physics was established in 2018 through the generosity of two anonymous donors. The 2020-2021 recipient is: Mathew Bub

Awarded by the Faculty of Arts & Science on the recommendation of the Department of Physics, the Loudon-Hines Gold Medal and Scholarship is presented annually to a top graduating student in the Specialist or Major program in Physics who also demonstrates creativity and a clear promise in the discipline of physics.

The recipient this year is Mathew Bub and we asked him some questions about receiving this award.

Congratulations Mathew. What does being the recipient of this prestigious gold medal mean to you?
Receiving this medal is a great honour and a significant encouragement to continue my efforts in my studies. I am grateful to my professors, supervisors, and family who have guided me along the way, and without whom I could not have made this achievement possible. This recognition will no doubt refresh my energy and vigour in the next phase of my education."

You recently completed your degree, what are your future plans?
Having completed my Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Physics here at U of T, I will next be pursuing a one-year Master’s degree in Theoretical Physics at the nearby Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. Following that, I plan to attend a PhD program where I would like to conduct research in high-energy physics. Eventually, I hope to build a career in academia, where I can contribute to the growing body of physics knowledge and help to train future generations of physicists."

More information on the Loudon-Hines Gold Medal and Scholarship

This preeminent undergraduate award is connected to a long-standing history at the University of Toronto. The original James Loudon Gold Medal was a gift of the Toronto Committee of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1890, in recognition of the valuable services of James Loudon, M.A., LL.D., Professor of Physics. The late Professor James Loudon was President of University College (1892-1901) and President of the University of Toronto (1892-1906).

Over the past 128 years, the gold medal has been awarded to celebrated and esteemed physicists including Colin Hines, Ph.D., Professor of Physics, after whom this new medal is co-named.

The Loudon-Hines Gold Medal and Scholarship in Physics honours both Professor James Loudon and Professor Colin Hines, and celebrate the best and most promising young physicists who will carry on an important legacy.