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Mr. Yige Chen under the supervision of Prof. Hae-Young Kee has identified a new class of metal in Iridium oxides. Read all about it in Nature Communications

We used to think that different phases such as liquid, solid, and magnets are classified by broken symmetries, however, it was recently found that distinct phases without any broken symmetry are found due to their non-trivial topological nature.
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Topological insulators are good examples that host exotic surface states, even though they share the same symmetry as a trivial band insulator.

Following the success of topological insulators, a current challenge, is to search for metallic materials with unusual topology.

Prof. Hae-Young Kee and her student, Mr. Yige Chen together with a postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Yuan-Ming Lu at Berkeley predict that perovskite iridates realize a new class of metals

named topological crystalline metals.

This work will open the possibility of a whole new class of metals with novel properties contrasting from conventional Fermi liquid.

Read about all the exciting details in Nature Communications: