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Professor Young-June Kim receives the 2023 Dean’s Research Excellence Award

YJ kim

The Faculty of Arts & Science consistently produces innovative world-class research across all disciplines. Launched last year, the Dean’s Research Excellence Awards recognize faculty members whose research achievements have been cited as especially impactful.

Professor Young-June Kim is one of the six recipients of the Dean's Research Excellence Awards. Each recipient will receive $10,000 to further their professional development.

The awards were established to help accomplished mid-career researchers to compete successfully in national award competitions. Winners have contributed a wealth of research that has had a sustained influence in their chosen disciplines.

Professor Young-June Kim is a leading experimental physicist in the field of quantum condensed matter physics and quantum materials such as high-temperature superconductors, spin liquids and topological insulators and metals — all of which hold great potential for the future of electronic technologies such as high-density information storage and quantum computers. His approach of combining synthesis of novel materials with experimental studies using advanced x-ray and neutron spectroscopies, is exemplified in his impactful discovery of a type of spin liquid that could be used to build a “topological” quantum computer. Kim’s research group is at the forefront of this new area of discovery. In addition, his research has been disseminated in 150 publications in top journals and he has inspired many young physicists to join scientific pursuits.

Prof. Kim feels delighted and deeply honoured by the recognition and shares that "It's particularly rewarding to be acknowledged by your colleagues. This honor would not have been possible without the contributions of my past and present graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and many collaborators, both near and far. Studying quantum materials has been an intellectually rewarding experience, and their immense potential for technological applications is only just starting to be realized. I look forward to continuing this journey with talented students and amazing colleagues in the Physics department."

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