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Quantum information conference brings together experts on technologies shaping the future

For a week in August, the University of Toronto became the quantum research capital of the world.
Diana Tyszko

By: Chris Sasaki A& S News

Over a hundred leading experts, postdoctoral fellows and students from around the world met at the ninth biennial Centre for Quantum Information & Quantum Control (CQIQC) conference. The gathering was held at the Fields Institute on the St. George campus and was organized by the Faculty of Arts & Science’s CQIQC research nexus.

“The conference has always been a wonderful opportunity to bring together leaders and young researchers from all sorts of different sub-areas in the field for a week in Toronto,” says Aephraim Steinberg, a professor in the Faculty’s Department of Physics and lead organizer of the conference.

“It's very exciting for us because we get to talk to people in our own specialty or in different specialties. It’s a chance to get a broad view of what's exciting and what's going on in the field.”

CQIQC — pronounced “see-quick” — is the interdisciplinary umbrella organization for quantum research at U of T. It promotes research collaborations in theoretical and experimental activities; educates and trains students; runs a variety of programs such as postdoctoral fellowships, summer internships for undergrads, visiting professorships and awards; and runs a successful seminar series.

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