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Pierre Fogal

U of T Physics Dr. Pierre Fogal featured in Guelph Today

Dr. Fogal leads a team of researchers monitoring the weather and climate change in the Arctic

By: Anam Khan (Guelph Today)

Working at Canada's most northerly island, Pierre Fogal doesn’t have to walk too far before he lands in an area no man has ever set foot.

“This is part of Canada that we all feel some affinity for. You know, the Great White North so to speak,” says the Guelph born and raised scientist and senior research associate in the department of physics at the University of Toronto.

Doing work vital in understanding climate change, Fogal leads a team of researchers — clad in their Canada Goose Resolute Parkas, down-filled pants, and -60C boots — who monitor climate change at  80°N latitude, 1,100 km from the North Pole where temperatures can drop to -50C.

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On March. 4, Fogal will be presented the eMERGE Climate Change Hero Award for 2021 in honour of his outstanding work. He will be speaking at the event.