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Unseen Toronto: Hidden Technologies

Filmed at U of T Physics! Watch it here.
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Last year, the television series Unseen Toronto paid a visit to the Department of Physics and filmed the episode “Unseen Toronto: Hidden Technology”. The episode aired in September 2017 and can be viewed here:

Host Derek Flack was accompanied by Professor Stephen Morris on a tour of the Department. Viewers got a glimpse of the Department’s research facilities including Stephen Morris’ icicle machine and Aephraim Steinberg’s laser lab. Kimberly Strong showed University of Toronto Atmospheric Laboratory (TAO) and Space Instrument Characterization Facility (SICF).  Stephen Morris showed viewers the vacuum tank for the van de Graaf accelerator used by Isotrace for mass spectrometry. They ended the day by visiting Barth Netterfield in the High Bay and were able to see the Stratospheric Balloon Payload Integration Facility.