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About the Collection


The Physics Library serves the faculty, staff, students, and researchers of the Department of Physics. The collection reflects the Department's teaching and research interests in quantum optics, condensed matter physics, particle physics, atmospheric physics, biological physics and geophysics.  The Physics Library has a physical collection of approximately 36,000 books and journals, as well as an extensive collection of online resources.  The library also holds a complete collection of the Department of Physics Masters and PhD theses/dissertations. 

Loan Periods*

Status Loan Period Renewals** Borrowin Limit
Undergraduate Students 14 days 3 50 books
Graduate Students 28 days 3 100 books
Faculty Members 42 days 3 100 books
Physics Graduate Students and Faculty Members 42 days unlimited for Physics Library materials unlimited for Physics Library materials

* For stacks materials only

** When a hold has been placed on an item it cannot be renewed. All items are subject to recall after the official loan period if they are placed on hold by another borrower. If the item is not returned within two days of the recall it is subject to a fine of $2/day. Renew Books Online!

Renew books online! Renew books online!

Short Term Loan

The short term loan (STL) collection contains books that are course-related.  There are two loan periods for STL items.  From 10am-3pm the STL books can be used in the library.  After 3pm, STL items can be taken home overnight, but are due back by 10am the following morning.  On Friday afternoons, STL items taken after 3pm are due back Monday at 10am.  Late short term loan items are subject to a fine of $0.50/hour.

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