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Challenges and advantages of balloon borne measurements

The PAyload for Remote sounding of the Atmosphere using Balloon Limb Experiments (PARABLE) was successfully launched on September 13th 2015
in Timmins, Ontario. Two Fourier Transform Spectrometers (FTSs) were a part of the PARABLE payload. Spectra from FTSs have the advantage of a  wide spectral coverage in the infrared, where many trace gases have absorption features. Balloon-borne missions can provide profiles of the atmosphere (between approximately 8 km and 38 km). Furthermore, due to the low water vapour concentration above the tropopause, and the long path of the radiation through the atmosphere, many more species can be analysed from a balloon platform than from the ground. My talk will focus on the advantages and challenges of balloon borne measurements as well as some preliminary results of this balloon flight.