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Aerosol in the Arctic Summertime: Particle Formation and Growth, Clouds and Melting Sea Ice


NETCARE is a research network that addressed the connections between aerosol particles, clouds and climate in remote Canadian environments.   Of particular interest to the team was the Arctic summertime which is experiencing considerable sea ice melting, exposing open ocean.  From an aerosol perspective, how will the Arctic atmosphere change with melting sea ice?  To address this question, NETCARE conducted a suite of field campaigns from both an icebreaker and research aircraft that attempted to decipher the coupling that exists between ocean biology, gaseous emissions to the atmosphere, particle formation and growth, and impacts on cloud properties.   In addition to describing the results from these studies, in the seminar the Arctic summertime atmosphere will be contrasted to the much more polluted springtime atmosphere which experiences the Arctic Haze phenomenon.