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Validation of the ACE-FTS Version 3.0 Dataset

To facilitate the production of long time series of atmospheric measurements, the biases between different instruments need to be quantified for periods of coincident measurements. Therefore, the current ACE-FTS version 3 dataset is being validated against other satellite instruments (such as Aura-MLS and HALOE) as well as the previous ACE-FTS (version 2.2 + updates) dataset, which has been well validated.

The ACE-FTS is a high resolution (0.02 cm-1) Fourier transform spectrometer which takes measurements over the 750-4400 cm-1 (2.2 to 13.3 µm) spectral region. It is one of two instruments on board the Canadian SCISAT-1 satellite which was launched on the 12 August 2003 and has now been measuring the atmosphere for over 7 years. The ACE-FTS uses solar occultation geometry to produce profiles of atmospheric temperature, pressure and more than 30 trace gas species over a latitude range of ~85oN to ~85oS.