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First Results from MicroBooNE on the Low Energy Excess

A number of anomalies have been observed in the accelerator-based short-baseline neutrino experiments since the 1990s, including the LSND anomaly and MiniBooNE low energy excess (LEE). At the same time, the liquid argon time projection chamber (LArTPC) technology offers unprecedented spatial and calorimetric resolution and thus is a great platform for precise measurement of neutrino interactions and sensitive searches for new physics in accelerator-based neutrino beams. MicroBooNE is an 85-tonne active mass LArTPC detector sitting on the same beamline as the MiniBooNE experiment, and one of its primary goals is to investigate the nature of MiniBooNE LEE. MicroBooNE finished its physics run in 2020, and has released its first LEE results with the first three years of collected data, in October 2021. In this talk, I will present the results of four independent analyses targeting two different hypotheses for the MiniBooNE LEE: excess from photons and excess from electrons, respectively. I will also discuss the interpretation of the electron result in the context of the (3+1) light sterile neutrino model, as well as current ongoing efforts in other BSM searches that have the potential to explain MiniBooNE LEE.

Host: Ariel Zuñiga Reyes
Event series  eHEP Seminars and Events