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Neutrino Physics with SNO+ - Status and Plans

SNO+ is a multipurpose detector located at SNOLAB 2 km deep underground (Vale's Creighton Mine, Sudbury, ON) making use of much of the existing hardware from the original SNO experiment. SNO+ will be looking for neutrinoless double beta decay with 130Te in its first phase by loading the isoptop into the organic liquid scinitllator. Other physics capabilities include: low energy solar neutrinos, reactor- and geo-antineutrinos and neutrinos from a galactic supernova. The construction of the SNO+ experiment is nearly completed and the commissioning of the detector with water as a target for background studies and the search for nucleon decay will start shortly. The presentation will include a summary of the physics goals - focussing on neutrinoless double beta decay as well as a summary of the current status.