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QCMP Recommended Courses for Graduate Studies

Course recommendation
Fall - year 1 Winter - year 1 Fall - year 2 Winter - year 2
Option 1 (2 terms) QM,SM,QTS1,(other,ST1,or ASM) QTS1,ST2,MB,other (audit ASM)
Option 1 (3 terms) QM,SM,QTS1 QTS2,ST2,MB ASM, ST1
Option 2 (4 terms) (QM or SM), QTS1 QTS2,(ST2 or MB) ASM, ST1 (MB or ST2),other

Core courses

  • QM (PHY 1520F Quantum Mechanics)
  • SM (PHY 1500F Statistical Mechanics)

Specialized courses

  • QTS1 (PHY 1487F: Quantum Theory of Solids I)
  • QTS2 (PHY 2303S: Quantum Theory of Solids II)
  • ASM (PHY 2315F: Advanced Statistical Mechanics)
  • MB (PHY 2321S: Many Body Physics I)
  • ST1 (Special Topics in Condensed Matter Physics I)
  • ST2 (PHY2314S Special Topics in Condensed Matter Physics II)

Other relevant course (other in the above table)

Courses that might interest experimentalists:

  • CHM 1268H X-ray crystallography
  • CHM 1450H Nanoscale characterization with Scan Probe Microscopy
  • MMS 1026H Analytical Electron Microscopy
  • CHM 1455H NMR Spectroscopy I: Introduction to Theory and Application

Courses that might interest theorists:

  • PHY 2403F Quantum Field Theory 1
  • PHY 2404S Quantum Field Theory 2.