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Chiral d-wave superconductivity in SrPtAs

Recent muSR measurements on SrPtAs revealed time-reversal-symmetry breaking with the onset of superconductivity, suggesting an unconventional superconducting state. After a discussion of the special symmetry of this quasi-two-dimensional hexagonal system and its non-symmorphic space group, I will present our functional renormalization group results featuring a chiral (d+i d)-wave order parameter. This superconducting state is favored by the multiband fermiology and hexagonal symmetry of SrPtAs. The (d+i d)-wave state exhibits significant gap anisotropies as well as gap differences on the different bands, but only has point nodes on one of the bands at the Brillouin zone corners. I will further discuss some topological characteristics of this superconducting phase, which features Majorana-Weyl nodes in the bulk, protected surface states, and an associated thermal Hall response. The lack of extended nodes and the spontaneously broken time-reversal symmetry  of the (d+ id)-wave state are in agreement with the muSR experiments. Our theoretical findings together with the experimental evidence thus suggests that SrPtAs is the first example of chiral d-wave pairing and a Weyl superconductor.