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Hidden Charge 2e Boson: Physical Implications and Experimental Consequences for Doped Mott Insulators


One of the difficulties in understanding doped Mott insulators  is that the available physical degrees of freedom are larger than the
number of electrons that can be added in the low energy scale. I will  illustrate this in terms of spectral weight transfer and resolve
this by introducing a new effective low-energy theory in which the high energy degree of freedom is integrating out explicitly. A charge 2e

bosonic field emerges at low energy which can be interpreted as the additional physical degree of freedom in low energy. I will show
that many of the normal state properties of the cuprates can result  from this new 2e charge bosonic field and a prediction for the
existence of this new bosonic field which can be observed in the electron energy loss spectroscopy at finite momentum and frequency will be discussed.