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Lattice and quantum fluctuation driven reconstruction of the itinerant ferromagnetic phase diagram


The phase diagram of the itinerant ferromagnet may reconstruct in a  variety of ways in the vicinity of a putative quantum critical point.  One possibility is the appearance of a spatially modulation of the  magnetic order or its closely related counterpart, nematic order.  Recent work has shown how this may be driven by latticed induced  features in the electronic density of states. Experimental evidence,  however, suggests that this may be a more generic phenomenon.  Inconsistencies and non-analyticities in the Hertz-Millis theory of  ferromagnetic quantum criticality indicate that quantum fluctuations  can drive a similar reconstruction. It is natural to ask how these two  mechanisms interplay with one another.

I will present a new approach to addressing the quantum fluctuation  driven reconstruction of the ferromagnetic phase diagram. This  provides an alternative perspective upon how quantum fluctuations  drive such a reconstruction. Moreover, this approach reveals a  connection to much older work of nearly  50 years ago and provides a  forum in which the interplay of lattice and quantum fluctuations might  be considered.