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Materials Research at Canadian Light Source and application of x-ray standing wave


X-ray stand wave (XSW) is generated by coherent interference between incident and diffracted X-rays. Control of intensity maximum position of the spatially modulating XSW has been a powerful tool to get atomic-scale structure information. X-ray diffractions by single crystal substrate, thin film, multilayer and total external reflection have been used to generate the XSW's applicable to a wide range of length scale. The XSW analysis applies X-ray scattering and spectroscopy simultaneously and provides element specific, atomic-scale structure information. Combined with the photon-in and photon-out approach, the XSW has advantage in study of in situ film growth, liquid-solid interface, and mixed-oxide catalysis.

The seminar will introduce recent development of model-independent, Fourier synthesis of atom distribution map from the XSW analysis. Application of the XSW imaging method for study of supported metal oxide systems will be presented also.