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Quantum computing with semiconductor spins: overview and prospects for the near future

Semiconductor-based quantum computing has witnessed an explosive growth over the last decade, driven by substantial improvements in device manufacturing. I will give a succinct overview of semiconductor spin qubits, including donor, acceptor and quantum dot platforms, each of which will be seen to have its own advantages and limitations. I will review some of the most exciting developments, such as the achievement of extremely long coherence times, entanglement, and electrically driven spin resonance. I will outline the challenges associated with each platform, such as achieving reliable exchange coupling between donors, reproducibility of quantum dot spin qubits, and the apparent trade-off between long coherence times and fast operation. I will discuss prospects for the immediate future, with a particular emphasis on hole systems, whose spin-3/2 enables physics inaccessible in electron systems.

Host: Arun Paramekanti
Event series  Toronto Quantum Matter Seminars