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Quantum Spin Liquid Oasis in Deserts of Unfrustrated Spin Models: Mirage?

Hilbert spaces are incomprehensibly vast and rich. Model Hamiltonians are spaceships. They

could take us to new worlds, such as cold spin liquid oasis in desert regions of Hilbert space.

Exact decomposition of isotropic Heisenberg Hamiltonian on a Honeycomb lattice into a sum

of 3 non-commuting (permuted) Kitaev Hamiltonians, helps us build a degenerate manifold of

metastable flux free Kitaev spin liquid vacua and vector Fermionic (Goldstone like)

collective modes. Our method, symmetric decomposition of Hamiltonians, will help design

exotic metastable quasi quantum scars and exotic quasi particles, in non exotic real systems.

ref: G. Baskaran, arXiv:2309.07119

Host: Arun Paramekanti
Event series  Toronto Quantum Matter Seminars