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Spin-orbit coupling effects in solid state and cold atomic systems


In this talk I will review recent results and ideas on the physics of spin-orbit coupled systems. I will start with briefly discussing novel experiments on spin accumulation in response to a charge current and unusual spin diffusion experiments in semiconductor structures. Then, I will discuss a theory of spin-charge coupling phenomena in clean systems and show a possible connection between spin transport and an elegant Berry's phase structure of the Fermi surface. On the example of the three-dimensional Luttinger model, I will prove that multiband systems possess unusual edge states of minority carriers. The boundary spin accumulation occurs due to these localized edge states. I will also describe some recent surprising results on spin-charge coupled transport in disordered systems. In the end of my talk, I will explain a way to create effective spin-orbit coupling in a cold atomic system. Non-equilibrium dynamics and thermalization due to boundary pseudo-spin relaxation will be discussed.